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Top 5 Selected by DJ D-Vox (21/8/2017)

Featuring Masterstepz (Sammy Porter Remix) / GHEIST / Upright (PT) / ZOI (ZOI VIP) / Jorge Toscano

DJ DVox's Top 5 Selected House Music tracks this month!


Melody' by Masterstepz (Sammy Porter Remix)
If you're looking for a fresh, tough yet soulful sound then Sammy Porter's remix of Masterstepz 'Melody' is definitely for you. Available for free download at The Artist Union and one for the old school crew, this track is drenched in UK garage influence and will have you steppin' in steppin' out back to the good old days!


Listening to this Exploited Records August release for the first time, I closed my eyes and shut myself off to disappear into the deep, kaleidoscopic world I was transported to.'Kolibri' by GHEIST, part of the 'Axelot EP', is beautiful. The breakdown sends me somewhere I never want to return from and fills my heart with love, peace and serenity. A must hear.


2020' by Upright (PT)
Hypnotic, techy and a little bit filthy, Upright (PT)'s '2020' is a sexy blend of acid and vocals with a real party vibe. Another epic free download released last week on Daylight Robbery Records, be sure to get your copy to rinse at your next house party or next gig. It'll go down a treat!


Onyx' by ZOI (ZOI VIP)
ZOI 'Onyx' (ZOI VIP) is powerful, bouncy and absolutely insane! Dj's this glitch & bass beast released in July on Occult will set your dancefloor alight, burning it harder than ever before and is up for free download on The Artist Union. A must have for your end of summer party!


Kriyad' by Jorge Toscano
Kriyad' by Jorge Toscano is yet another in my feature this month which is available for free download! Released 1st Aug on Maxd Out Records, this rippy, zippy delight is smothered with electronic zaps & sizzles and held together at the build up with a gorgeous, mesmerising melody which carries you on an unforgettable journey until the very end. I'm really excited about this one & can't wait to play on my radio show!

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Show Information

Afro*dite Fri with D-Vox & Guests BrainzEdge, Drotter & Tom Dubyes - Import Event Promo Aug 17 - Tech House.

Thx so much 2 Mike Solus @ Platinum Radio London 4 featuring my underground funky house mix on his Friday night show! My set kicks in at 40 minutes in, but be sure 2 play this show from the start as Mike's menu of fresh new deep+tech house is absolutely DELICIOUS! I have also been invited 2 play the headline set at PRL's 'Lost In Music Fridayz' up in Kettering 25th Aug Bank Holiday Fri & I can't wait! Will add ticket info here very soon, hit me up 4 more info!
This is a great show, with a great host on a great station so make sure you check out Mike's future instalments & support him and his team across their social media platforms! Link below:

Gig Information

25.08 - Platinum Radio London's 'Lost In Music Fridayz', Kettering.
Vocal & commercial funky house, headline set.

27.08 - Cristian Varela Boat Party After Party @ Halo, Bournemouth.
Tech house with live vocals.

Other Information
30 minutes of my deep melodic set featuring my live vocals at Rio, San Antonio with the Parasol Ibiza Tour 2017 in association with Darkest Before Dawn Records. Thanks so much to Steve Canneaux for inviting myself and partner DJ XJ out onto the tour this year. Have met some incredibly talented people and had an unforgettable experience. Roll on Ibiza 2018! Big love to Flemcy Music, Ornery Music, Jack Carmine, Ree2, Mario Mystik, Mario Teixeira, Caciques, Oli Marshall, Lektrix, Cat Santanna, Wrighteous, Oli Marshall, Katey Lowin, Paul Hamilton, Terri-Anne Grey, Stefan Luke - amazing to meet you all! And to everyone stopping by, thanks for checking out my vibes! Hit me up if you'd like to book me for your event or work on a collaboration!

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